About Us


With over 24 years of design, manufacturing and repair expertise, ACT Jewelers is the epitome of craftsmanship. You work directly with an America certified Master Jeweler and GIA Diamonds Graduate, Thuan Nguyen, formerly of Weber's Jewelers.

Our services include, but are not limited to: custom jewelry design and manufacturing, jewelry repair, and watch repair including small clocks and battery replacement. We also buy gold, silver, platinum and old Rolex and Omega watches.

For skillfully handcrafted treasures and meticulously detailed jewelry repairs, come to ACT Jewelers.

About ACT

ACT Jewelers is a family owned fine jewelry store established in Kettering, Ohio By Thuan Nguyen. Our mission is to serve the community by providing the best fine jewelry and service available.

In the 24 years at Weber Jewelers, Thuan Nguyen(ACT Jewelers owner) has build a solid reputation for unique and stunning fine jewelry, for honesty and fair business practices, and for expert services including custom jewelry design, watch repair, clock repair, glasses repair, appraising and jewelry repair.

At ACT Jewelers, you'll discover a unique jeweler dedicated to quality, personal service and professionalism. Thuan Nguyen, J.A. Certified Master Jeweler & G.I.A. Diamonds Graduate, is the only J.A. Certified Master Jeweler still continuing to do business in Ohio. Nguyen is one of only 150 J.A. Certified Master Jewelers nationwide. We're proud to have served our community for over 24 years. Our commitment to professionalism mean that we go the extra mile to seek out the best in fine jewelry. Truly there is nothing like the special memory that a gift of jewelry creates, a memory that will shine with the fire of diamonds, the vibrant color of gemstones, and the shimmer of platinum and gold. Whether It's an engagement, an anniversary, a birthday, or just to say "I love you" - fine jewelry is one of the best ways to communicate your true feelings.

Love, happiness, pride and joy... these wonderful feelings are often difficult to express with words. When a gift from ACT is opened, the excitement of these special emotions is conveyed with a piece of jewelry that will be cherished for generations. Think of us not just as a jewelry store, but as your personal jeweler. We look forward to assisting you with all of your fine jewelry needs.

Stop by ACT - you're welcome anytime. You deserve the true personal service you'll receive from the dedicated people at ACT Jewelers.

Thuan Nguyen